World Water Day

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On Friday the 22nd of March World Water Day hit social media as the campaign spread awareness about the most precious resource on our planet. It may seem a little excessive to compare it to the precious metals that we pay thousands for, but in reality we don’t know anywhere else that has water in the way earth does. Mars has frozen reserves that indicate water could be there and Venus has something similar, but as of yet we have no hard evidence to support these theories. This means that our little blue planet is one of a kind, and the clear life-giving liquid it contains is incredibly rare, so rare that many people around the globe don’t get a clean version of it.




Though society in the west has advanced to a stage incomparable to the life we lived merely a couple hundred years ago, today nearly 800 million people still don’t have access to clean water. This is what World Water Day is trying to help people realise. In poorer countries many people have to walk miles and wait in huge queues to access any water at all, this means that people are leaving their jobs to simply get a jerrican full of what most westerners get from a tap. But not all water issues happen in poverty-stricken areas, poor infrastructure and service can easily lead to a water crisis all on its own. Take Flint Michigan for example, for several years the residents here have not had access to water from a tap as the bizarre politics and poor upkeep have combined to create a shut off that has left the city dry now for years. It seems ridiculous that the richest country on the globe can’t afford to provide clean water for its own people, but this is just a taste of how the earth’s riches are not shared equally.

Despite how we may currently use it, water is a finite resource, especially if we continue to live in the way we have for the last few decades, increasing usage and preventing reservation. There are many sustainable ways to keep using water and not have it disappear so quickly, some cost time and some cost money, but most just require us to make a little change. All over the internet World Water Day is helping not only remind people that others need access to clean water, but it is helping people take steps in their daily lives to preserve what water we have. Take showers and not baths, don’t leave taps running, collect rainwater for your garden – these kinds of things. Although these small things add up to big changes, the big changes themselves can simply be altered with a decision to do things right. Pollution, over farming, and mass bottling plants are big culprits in the fight for getting more water to the people. Unfortunately, we can’t tackle them all at once, otherwise we would have put the water to crisis to bed back in the 90’s. Eradicating one problem at a time is the best way to conquer this problem, find out how you can help today.