How to Save Rain Water

The earth’s freshwater resources are extremely limited. The world population increase also puts a strain on this limited water resource.

The earth’s freshwater resources are extremely limited. The world population increase also puts a strain on this limited water resource. Saving rainwater for future use is a great way prevent it from becoming wastewater and an easy and effective water conservation technique. Harvesting rainwater not only saves the environment by greatly reducing dependence on treated water from the mains, it also helps to reduce your water bill. Rainwater that you collect can be used to water your garden, wash your car or in the house for laundry or bathing, after adequate filtration. In some cases, you can drink properly purified rainwater.

How to Save Rain Water

How to Save Rain Water

How to Harvest Rainwater

There are several methods of harvesting (collecting and saving) rainwater. Here are some very effective ways to collect and save rainwater.

Collect the Water in Rain Barrels

People often collect rainwater in the roof or gutter which will then run into containers through a downspout. Rain barrels are simply plastic containers. They usually have a spout at the bottom. Connecting a hose to the valve is an easy way to use the water in other parts of your house. You can get them from local stores or make one yourself. Ensure you get a rain barrel that has a cover so as to keep out animals, mosquitoes, and even kids. Large polythene or fiberglass tanks can be used to collect rainwater.

Install a Cistern – Rainwater Collection System

Large tanks can be buried in the yard to collect water that runs off the roof and gutters. The water is then filtered and pumped out for use. Rainwater systems are usually expensive (because of the need for pump or pressure tank)and require expert installation.

Create a Rainwater Garden

This method of harvesting rainwater sends the water directly to your garden from the roof or gutters. But it also means you can’t use the water for other purposes. To be able to use the water elsewhere in the house, you can incorporate a rainwater collection system.

Rainwater Garden

Rainwater Garden

Replace Downspouts with Rain Chain

You can use a rain chain instead of a downspout to channel rain from the roof into watering cans, rain barrel or other collection systems. This method is incredibly wasteful as the water is often contaminated along the way.

Other Containers

Watering cans, polyethylene, pots, and children’s swimming pool are some household items that you can use to save rainwater.

Tips for Managing the Quality of Saved Rainwater

  • Regularly clean your roof or gutters to reduce contamination from dust and bird droppings.
  • Use a simple filter to prevent debris from entering the barrels or cisterns.
  • Quickly cover or use water collected in containers to prevent mosquitoes from breeding.
  • You can also mask your rain barrel or other collection systems with plants or a trellis to make it blend into your landscape.
  • Moving the water around will keep it clean for a long time than a stationary storage unit.
  • To use rain water for drinking, it must be purified in order to kill bacterial growth and pathogens.